Beale Street Bucks

The Beale Street Buck program has been instituted on Beale Street since June 11, 2016. The Beale Street Buck Program is being put into place on Saturday nights, during the summer, to help eliminate overcrowding on the street and to improve the experience & safety of all of our guests.

At 10:00pm, on Saturday nights during the summer months, guests visiting Beale Street will purchase a Beale Street Buck for $10 at any of our 5 entrances onto Beale Street. Guests will then receive a $7 voucher that can be used on food, merchandise, drinks or venue entry fees at any of our establishments on Beale Street. The purchase of Beale Street Bucks will not be required any other day or night of the week.

Guests must be at least 21 years old to purchase a Beale Street Buck. Only cash can be used to purchase a Beale Street Buck at any of our 5 entrances onto Beale Street and they must be used on the night of purchase.


For any more information on the Beale Street Buck program, please contact the Beale Street Merchants Association at 901-529-0999.