Beale Street Crowd Control Study RFQ

The Crowd Control Study (the “Study”) is a collaborative effort between the Beale Street Task Force, DMC, BSM and the City of Memphis. The purpose of this Study is to evaluate current crowd control practices as well as offer new suggested measures to control crowds, prevent stampedes and improve safety and security as well as the visitor experience which often suffers at the expense of safety measures.


The scope of work for the Downtown Parking Study should include, but is not limited to, the following components:
A. Understand & Evaluate Existing Conditions:
1. Review a current inventory of crowd control, safety and security measures in place.
2. Observe the pedestrian activity on Beale Street. As it will likely be Spring of 2018 before crowds are large, video
footage from the 2017 summer will be made available.
3. Review best practices in other Entertainment Districts in the US and other countries.
4. Interview key stakeholders to identify the unique opportunities and challenges associated with dealing with
crowds on a busy night on Beale Street.

B. Identify Best Practices for Crowd Control in an Entertainment District:
1. Identify best practices for crowd control in an Entertainment District. Such best practices should include safety
and security measures that enhance crowd control.
2. Technological innovative and cutting-edge best practices are encouraged.

C. Recommendations:
1. Recommend the continuation of current crowd control measures to continue.
2. Recommend current crowd control measures to eliminate.
3. Recommend new crowd control measures to implement as well as cost associated with each.


All RFQ Responses due by 12:00 pm on December 15, 2017
Full RFQ document here.